At DigitalMakers we understand that a perfect corporate website,
is one that is part of the day to day of the company
both to reach new clients and to relate to current ones.


So that a corporate website can have a positive impact
in your company’s income statement,
Here are some relevant tips:

  1. First impact. Potential customers when they arrive, receive a first impact in the first 2 seconds of the visit, where they already know what the value proposition of the company is.
  2. Appearance It has an attractive graphic design, careful and current. The appearance of the web has a halo effect on the image that the client will perceive of the company.
  3. Content. It has relevant content for the target customer. Usable. Persuasive and multimedia.
  4. Structure. It must have a basic structure similar to: The company Our services Contact form. And from here, customize it with everything we think is relevant.
  5. Google. Potential customers arrive because they look for their needs in google, and google drifts them to the web.
  6. Interaction. Potential customers to reach and see relevant content can easily link the company and maintain contact with the medium they feel most comfortable (social networks – linkedin, twitter, instagram, youtube, etc-, mailing).
  7. Leads. The basic objective is to achieve an impact about 10 times on the target client. Always with relevant content for him, so that finally when the need arises he will keep us in mind and contact us.
  8. Testimonies. If possible, it will give us a lot of credibility and notoriety, provide relevant opinions of our clients as witnesses.

If you are thinking about updating your current corporate website or creating your new website, and you want advice on this, do not hesitate,