Generate trust in attracting customers

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In innate way, human beings tend in personal social relationships to talk about ourselves to generate empathy and trust. It is important at this point to take into account the change that the world has experienced before the arrival of...

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Hubspot Partner Agency in Barcelona

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DigitalMakers, when becoming a partner agency of Hubspot in Barcelona, ​​makes a new qualitative leap in the service it offers its customers....

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What differentiates a successful ecommerce

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As an entrepreneur who has just started your online project, surely you have ever wondered what makes a successful ecommerce different from...

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What is copywriting and how does it help marketing managers?

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Have you ever wondered what copywriting is? For DigitalMakers, the generation of content in tune with the company’s objectives is key, and...

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The two key digital metrics

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Do not give it more laps. Simplify. In your digital metrics reports, ask for an executive slide, a slide where only the...

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DigitalMakers tool: Digital Maturation Index (IMD)

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In DigitalMakers when a new client arrives, in order to know what kind of service is optimal for him and for his...

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The change in the process of acquiring a new client

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The process of acquiring a client has changed significantly since a few years ago, as the purchasing process has also been transformed...

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Is my company “Digital”?

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Absolutely yes, your company is digital. In fact, in DigitalMakers we always say that all companies in the 21st century are digital....

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How to transform a company digitally?

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The digital transformation of a company requires practice and effort. But it is the most relevant learning that a company of the...

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How to support an e-commerce to multiply by 3 its turnover in a year

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Today, the DigitalMakers team wants to share with you a case of success that we are very satisfied with. We explain the...

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