In Inbound Marketing, knowledge is the main value

With our experience and your knowledge we create valuable content always oriented to attract your buyer persona, at the same time that we improve your digital processes so that they convert and trust your customers.

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How do we get it?

  • The key to success in inbound marketing is to share useful and relevant content for your customers, generating value and trust.
  • Once you have attracted their interest, we will improve communication so that those leads become.
  • Last but not least, we will convert your customers in your own ambassadors through the recommendation.

Don’t chase your customers, make them come to you.

Practice inbound.

You want to know more?

If I share knowledge, can I sell more?

Innate, human beings tend in personal social relationships to talk about ourselves to generate empathy and trust. It is important at this point to take into account the change that the world has experienced before the arrival of the internet, where there are 3 fundamental characteristics directly related to trust.

Why does my company need Inbound Marketing?

In this article we explain the difference between outbound and inbound marketing so you can assess which one is better to apply in your company. In DigitalMakers we like to explain the terminology of marketing because we know that it is a very innovative and constantly evolving field.

  • We create content focused on conversion
    Our content generation will always be linked to the strategy and to generate content that is intended for your buyer person and its conversion.
  • We are practical: we design and apply your strategy
    Our team goes beyond mere planning and concept. With us you will have an ally capable of thinking and executing.
  • Strategy Design
    We work side by side with your team to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. We use all your knowledge and focus on a digital strategy that achieves the results you want.
  • Metrics Review and Tracking
    For DigitalMakers it is equally important to plan and execute how to measure if the objectives are being achieved. Our team will be in charge of knowing your business to help you define the correct key indicators.


  • Creation of the buyer person
  • Content creation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Graphic design
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Web development
  • Hubspot management
  • Corporate and product photography
  • Video production and editing

Can you tell us your project?

When you contact us, a commercial will not attend you with the sole purpose of selling you a product.

To the other Jordi Viles will be on the side, with who you can chat quietly and ask you the necessary questions to know if we can help you achieve your goals.

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