Sales Manager Hubspot Services

DigitalMakers is an agency specialized in accompanying companies in their growth processes by implementing the CRM Hubspot. DigitalMakers has started a continuous growth plan for the next 4 years. For this reason we need to incorporate a Sales Manager who is in charge of leading the sales flow with the support of the Marketing department and the CEO.

Are you excited about the project? Do you think you understand the position and are able to carry it out?

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It is essential:

  • Willingness to lead the project
  • Sales experience
  • Be aligned with the corporate values ​​of DigitalMakers Customer orientation. Be aligned with the corporate values ​​of DigitalMakers
  • Maintain a focus on listening and understanding the client’s pains in order to help and solve.
  • Understand the sales department as an end-to-end of the sales process (prospecting, qualification, negotiation, closing)

It is NOT essential, but it is valued positively:

  • Experience in the use of CRMs commercially speaking. Ideally Hubspot.
  • Certified training in use and / or how to sell Hubspot services.
  • Languages: Català / English
  • Location Barcelona

Working conditions, to be evaluated with the candidate:

  • Base salary + variable
  • In principle incorporation the approach is to enter DigitalMakers template; If it is considered convenient, the freelance option can be evaluated
  • Remote work format

The selection process:

  1. Submit CV
  2. The best candidates will be selected
  3. First interview with the CEO to share experiences and approaches on how to approach the project. Decide next steps
  4. Reflection
  5. Incorporation

Once the candidate has been decided, a first approach to the incorporation process is:

  1. DigitalMakers team presentation
  2. Sharing objectives, plan and challenges to manage
  3. Initial training in both internal sales processes at DigitalMakers and Hubspot sales methods
  4. Access to digital tools
  5. Start commercial activity, initially with the support of the CEO
  6. Leadership and autonomy in commercial activity, in line with Marketing and the CEO

Some of the tasks that the Sales Manager performs weekly are (always with technology support, mainly Hubspot):

  • Prospecting tasks
    • Mainly through digital channels (sequences, video’s, linkedin, etc)
    • Exploitation of the DigitalMakers database (renewals, cross-selling, up-selling)
  • Grading Tasks
  • Negotiation and proposal submission tasks
  • Contract closing tasks
  • Transition to Earned Services
  • Operations Review goal-oriented metrics (productivity, volume of open opportunities, forecast, etc)
  • Marketing alignment meeting
  • Follow-up meeting with the CEO




Send us an email to attaching your CV and tell us why you think you can be a good candidate.