What differentiates a successful ecommerce

Silvia Fernàndez
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As an entrepreneur who has just started your online project, surely you have ever wondered what makes a successful ecommerce different from another that is not. Could it be the amount of products you have? Or is the design of the page a key point? Or perhaps the most important thing is the promotion you make of your online business?

All these questions are important, and could be part of the answer of what makes a successful ecommerce, but in an environment of digital transformation, in which more and more businesses have to adapt and get to know their customers, we should differentiate between:

  1. The three essential keys to take into account in the business model to differentiate a successful ecommerce
  2. The five basic characteristics of an ecommerce to be considered successful
  3. The six attitudes and resources that an entrepreneur must have that wants his business to be successful.

Essential keys in the model of a successful business

  1. The business must be scalable, flexible and adaptable.
    The world of the traditional businesses of all the life, that do not adapt to the users and that always work and move in the same way, is no longer the current one. If an ecommerce wants to be profitable and become a reference, it has to be able to adapt to the new developments that arise in its sector as well as in other related ones; it must be scalable to grow according to its possibilities and it must be flexible to be able to make mistakes and rectify in time, since the problem is not to be wrong is not to be flexible to learn and to rectify in order to add what works to the business model.
  2. The ecommerce must have a differentiated value proposal.
    For an online business to be successful, it must be differentiated from its competition. This value proposition is also important in traditional businesses but in online business it becomes essential. On the Internet you can find all kinds of products, which compete with each other in a fierce way, either for price or service. If the ecommerce does not differentiate the competition is so big that it can hardly survive, much less be a successful ecommerce.
  3. It is essential to provide a good customer experience.
    Keep in mind that the customer will not compare your purchase with another made in the same sector but will do so with your experience of any other purchase, so that the competition to provide a positive memory in the customer is much greater than what It might seem at first. Therefore, it is vital to provide an excellent experience so that this positive memory is related to your brand. Not only do you have to have buyers, but fans of your brand, loyal customers who recommend your brand or your ecommerce.A good tool to enhance the brand are social networks, which well managed not only can help businesses to have more visibility but, based on creating a community associated with your brand, can lead to sales, since a ecommerce that look for community, a very good user experience and that provides an impeccable after sales will facilitate the repetition of the sale.

Basic characteristics of a successful ecommerce

Likewise, for an ecommerce to be a successful business, it must have the following characteristics:

  1. It should always be available and facilitate immediacy.

    The web can not be down, it must always be available, updated and well maintained to avoid that when a customer searches for our product he does not find it or when he has decided to buy he finds himself in difficulties.

  2. It must be based on a well-worked and studied business model

    If the online store is created without having done the previous work of studying the business model on which it will be based, it will be difficult to establish the adequate strategies for the proper functioning of the ecommerce.

  3. You must know your buyer person very well,

    The client you are interested in reaching, your tastes, where you live, what you are interested in and when, how you define yourself, your gender … everything you can know about that ideal client will help you to define the best strategy to approach him.

  4. Must have volume and a niche market

    On the one hand, to be able to sell on the internet and for your product to become a successful product, it is essential to have a high volume of stock in order to be able to serve interesting customers in your purchase. Likewise, if you want to sell a particular product that you are passionate about but there are very few potential buyers, the market niche will be so small that it will not allow the business to work.

  5. It must be recurrent

    For ecommerce to work it is essential that it generates recurring sales, if sales are sporadic it will hardly be a successful ecommerce. Ideally, in addition, get a good average basket, but the important thing is not only to make potential customers come to the store, but to not stop coming..

Attitudes and resources that an entrepreneur must have

A person who wants to be an entrepreneur and who wants to have a successful ecommerce must:

  • Get lucky and work hard
  • Know your market well
  • Be determined to defend your business model
  • Have leadership, in every way
  • Having a good team is vital to success
  • It is imperative that the whole team move by a common project
  • Must be surrounded by partners who add

At DigitalMakers we accompany various ecommerce to help them become successful businesses, if you want us to help your ecommerce have more visits and end up becoming more often contact us, we will evaluate your case in particular and we will review the best strategies for your ecommerce Become a successful ecommerce.

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