At Digitalmakers we will help you get the most out of your marketing campaigns and your website with the Hubspot marketing tool.

Are you looking to boost your Inbound strategy? Generate new leads? Improve conversion? Our team specialized in Hubspot will accompany you in the process both in the technical and strategic fields.

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What is Marketing Hubspot?

It includes customer service tools that will help you get in touch with them, offer them a better service that leaves them delighted with your work and ends up turning them into ambassadors for your company, thus helping your growth.

Creation and automation of mailings
Blog and Landing Pages Design
Tools to improve web traffic

Use Inbound Marketing to attract customers!

Hubspot is based on the philosophy of Inbound Marketing, a non-intrusive marketing strategy that is based on sharing useful and relevant content for your clients, generating value and trust. Visit our Inbound page to learn more.

  • Attract new visitors to the web
    With the SEO tools, the pillar pages and the clusters caps you will be able to improve the positioning of your web page.
  • Landing Pages
    Use Landing Pages to create webinar pages, products, demos, etc … and add forms to get new contacts and generate lists.
  • Blog
    Create your blog where you can share your knowledge, practice Inbound Marketing in an easy and agile way.
  • Monitor your customers through reports
    Hubspot’s analytics tools will allow you to know what your customers are doing once they are on the web, you will be able to create personalized content for them and orient your campaigns to their needs.

How can we help from Digitalmakers?

  • We help you buy the license.
  • We will do the initial setup of Hubspot.
  • With our experience we will help you in the first steps.
  • Draw a strategy that will lead you to achieve your goals.
  • We will accompany you day by day and we will design the steps always based on the reports.
  • We will carry out the ideal integrations for the project.
  • We will create the email or landing templates that are necessary.

Begin to get the most out of Hubspot

When you get in touch with us, you will not be given a commercial for the sole purpose of selling a product.

To the other Pasqual Flores will be on the side, with who you can chat quietly and ask you the necessary questions to know if we can help you achieve your goals.

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