Hubspot Service

At Digitalmakers we will help you in the process of building customer loyalty, because it is as important to generate new customers as it is for them to be satisfied with being part of your company.

Do you need to accompany your client in the purchase process? Do you want him to feel that you are always close to him? What always feels accompanied? Our team specialized in Hubspot will help you generate processes that you can delight your customers.

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What is Hubspot Service?

Service Hub is a software integrated within the Hubspot CRM that allows you to offer a first class customer service with the aim of offering them a good experience that exceeds their expectations and ends up becoming an ambassador for your company. For this, it has tools such as tickets, chats, reports, etc. That will allow you to help and guide you at all times.


Client Feedback

Knowledge Base

Support your customers

Service Hub tools like chat will allow you to stay in constant contact with your customers and provide quick responses. With features like bots, you can schedule meetings and offer immediate support.

Knowledge base

With the knowledge base, you can create short articles that answer basic and recurring questions from your customers. This will help prevent them from feeling lost and also relieve your customer support team from repetitive tasks.

Generate a ticket system

It will allow you to centrally and efficiently track your customer's requests, observe trends over time, and generate reports. An essential system to provide excellent customer support.

Satisfaction surveys

Send surveys to your clients to know their level of satisfaction, identify any issues, and take immediate action. You can customize the questions and messages you send to enhance interaction.

How can we help you at Digitalmakers?

We help you purchase the license.

We will migrate the data from another CRM if necessary.

We will perform the initial setup of HubSpot.

With our experience, we will help you in the first steps.

Together, we will create your knowledge base.

We will configure the tickets system.

We will create the analytics dashboards.

We will create the knowledge surveys and track their results.


Can you tell us about your project?

When you get in touch with us, you won't be attended by a salesperson with the sole purpose of selling you a product. On the other side, you will find Pasqual Flores, with whom you can chat comfortably, and he will ask you the necessary questions to find out if we can help you achieve your goals.

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