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At Digitalmakers we will help you implement the HubSpot CRM, with which you can improve your sales, practice Inbound Marketing and grow your business.

Are you thinking of implementing a CRM in your company? Are you looking for a tool to integrate sales and marketing processes? Our HubSpot certified team will help you implement one of the most powerful CRMs on the market and together we will grow your company.

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Que és el CRM de Hubspot?

It is a software that includes a series of tools of  VendesMàrqueting, CMS i Sales, Marketing, CMS and Human Resources, aimed at helping you grow your business. HubSpot CRM can also be integrated with your mail manager (Gmail or Outlook), as well as with a large number of applications that will allow you to optimize your marketing and sales processes.

The fact of having all the tools integrated in the same software offers much more power to tools that are already very useful on their own.


Control of contacts and business

Marketing campaigns


Sales Hub

It allows you to organize your contacts and companies, it helps you automate heavy prospecting and sales processes, it optimizes the management of your pipeline looking to improve business closing times and it allows you to monitor, through analytics, the performance of your team and your activities.

Marketing Hub

You will be able to run complete inbound marketing campaigns through mailings, landings, etc..., it will help you improve the positioning of your website with the SEO tools it includes, you will be able to have your own blog where you can spread content and it will allow you to convert visitors into customers.

Service Hub

It allows you to guide and help your customers through a system of tickets and satisfaction surveys. Improve your customer service so that they feel delighted with your company.


Create your website with HubSpot's CMS. Get a website that attracts your potential customers and helps them convert. Do all the monitoring and tracking with HubSpot analytics.

How can we help you at Digitalmakers?

We help you buy the license.

We will migrate the data from another CRM if necessary.

We will do the initial setup of Hubspot.

With our experience we will help you in the first steps.

We will draw up a strategy that will lead you to achieve your goals.

We will develop the analytics dashboards.

We will help you create all the necessary automations: sequences, workflows, email templates, etc.

We will create your website, blog and landing page always thinking of attracting your potential customers.

We will integrate the applications you need in your day-to-day life.

We will promptly inform you of all the CRM news and how they can help you always get the most out of the tools.


Can you tell us about your project?

When you contact us, you will not receive a salesperson with the sole purpose of selling you a product. On the other side will be Pasqual Flores, with whom you can chat calmly and he will ask you the necessary questions to find out if we can help you achieve your goals.

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