At Digitalmakers we will help you organize your contact database, optimize your sales process and manage your pipeline efficiently.

Do you need to put your contacts in order? Automate sales processes? Increase the options of converting your leads into business opportunities? Our dedicated Hubspot team will help you achieve your business goals.

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What is Sales Hubspot?

Sales Hub is an integrated software within the Hubspot CRM that allows you to efficiently manage your business contacts and your sales pipeline. Among other things, you will be able to segment the database in an agile way, create sales sequences, monitor emails and obtain an overview of the sales processes and the performance of the sales team through reports.

Contact management
Sequence automation
Commercial reports
  • Focus on selling
    Integrate all the tools to Hubspot, eliminate friction, automate processes and focus only on selling.
  • Customize your emails and sequences
    Create custom email templates and sales sequences in a streamlined way.
  • Call and email log
    It keeps all your commercial activity registered in Hubspot automatically, do not lose relevant information that will help you in your processes.
  • Follow the analytics
    Hubspot’s powerful reporting tool will allow you to track the performance of your sales team and your pipeline. Use the dashboards for your weekly meetings and make more efficient.

How can we help from Digitalmakers?

  • We help you buy the license.
  • We will migrate the data from another CRM if necessary.
  • We will do the initial setup of Hubspot.
  • With our experience we will help you in the first steps.
  • We will draw up a strategy that will lead you to achieve your goals.
  • We will prepare the analytics dashboards.
  • We will help you create all the necessary automations: sequences, workflows, email templates, etc.

Begin to get the most out of Hubspot

When you get in touch with us, you will not be given a commercial for the sole purpose of selling a product.

To the other Pasqual Flores will be on the side, with who you can chat quietly and ask you the necessary questions to know if we can help you achieve your goals.

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