In DigitalMakers we want to be your partner in the process of redesigning and migrating your current website to the Hubspot CMS.

Simplify and enhance your marketing strategy by unifying your team, your leads and your marketing tools on a single platform

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  • Our team certified in CMS Developer by Hubspot will accompany you in the process of redesigning and migrating your website.
  • We supervise that all the functionalities are replicated in Hubspot and we lay the foundations for the modular system that allows the Hubspot CMS
  • We configure your Hubspot to start generating new leads, track and perform conversions.

Web design with the Hubspot CMS

Web design
Landing pages design
Blog design

To fulfill your objective to DigitalMakers we can accompany you so in the creation of a new website with the traditional design or opt for GGD (Growth-driven Desgin) which proposes to work on a recurring basis with iterations of improvement to our website taking into account the metrics and performing improvement actions in short cycles favoring the conversion in each of them.


Growth-driven Design

We started the project with a launch website to evolve it based on the metrics and learning of the buyer person

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Tradicional design

Our team will create your new site from start to finish taking into account the buyer person and integrating it with the Hubspot CRM

Manage your website and your Hubspot CRM with a single provider, we are your integral partner.

Without infections, attacks or server crashes, with Hubspot the web will always be safe and without updating costs.

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Migration from WordPress to Hubspot

In this article we explain in detail how in DigitalMakers we accompany one of our clients in the process of migrating all the content of their WordPress website to Hubspot.

Do you want to know how a web redesign is done with the CMS Hubspot?

Example of migration of a web in WordPress to Hubspot with the Growth-driven design methodology

  • We design your new website
    Together with our client, we design the design proposal (up to 3 proposals), the phases and timings necessary to achieve the objective set. We make use of our knowledge and experience to minimize any unforeseen.
  • Quality control
    Once the migration is completed, DigitalMakers together with Hubspot submit the web to a quality control with all the parameters previously collected in the inventory phase to ensure that it operates correctly.
  • Inventory of all web content
    In DigitalMakers we inventory all links, carry out web load speed tests and validate all web functionalities. We also validate the status of the SEO positioning of the current website.
  • Direct communication with Hubspot
    Our team is in constant communication with the technical team of Hubspot and acts as an intermediary to accompany the client in the migration process and ensure that the entire technical process is carried out as smoothly as possible.

Hubspot CMS Advantages

  • Integration with the Hubspot CRM
  • Custom layout of the client’s needs
  • No dependence on third-party plugins
  • Integrated tools for conversion
  • Dynamic contents according to the buyer’s journey
  • Powerful integrated analytics tool

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