At DigitalMakers we are a young and dynamic team, always ready to learn and adapt to changes that help us improve.

Pasqual Flores - Consultor Digital a DigitalMakers
Pasqual Flores
Dynamic, enthusiastic and with many ideas is the engine of the company, the ultimate responsible, which helps everything to evolve and improve and the wheel without which it could not move towards new horizons.
Silvia Fernandez - Comercial i Responsable Oficina a DigitalMakers
Silvia Fernandez
Responsible and talkative, what is best given is to make everything work and that is its mission, to make sure that everything is still online and that the office is in order, giving stability to the changes.
Victor García - Webmaster a DigitalMakers
Victor García
Able to give a good service to several clients at the same time without getting upset, Victor is the person to look for if you want advice on YouTube and Instagram or if you want a fast and professional job in design and programming.
Jordi Prat - Consultor Estratègic i Webmaster a DigitalMakers
Jordi Prat
Deeply professional and realistic, Jordi is the strategic consultant and specialist in Inbound Marketing and Hubspot who is not afraid to tell the truths to the clients so that they can always improve in their business from the point of view of the Buyer Persona.
Marcos Lema
Very educated and eager to continue learning, Marcos is a genius in web layout, specializing in working with CSS3 and HTML5 and used to working from a young age. Self-taught and highly integrated to be part of a team is a commitment to talent seeking new challenges, with the spirit of improving every day and continue to advance in the project of external services in the office.
Oriol Escofet
A little shy but always smiling, Oriol always takes the challenges with enthusiasm. He is a graduate in Multimedia and Master in user experience and able to make a pixel website or review a design with the marketing strategy in mind, but each task is always done with enthusiasm and responsibility. He likes to work thinking about the end user and help him achieve his goals effectively and efficiently.
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez
With a passion for learning and teamwork, Carlos is a graduate of DAW (Web Application Development) and is a consistent person who can spend the hours required on a screen by writing code and writing, She loves programming and development, both FrontEnd and BackEnd.

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